Microsoft Wont Release Virus Fix In Time

    February 1, 2006

Microsoft has said that it won’t release an updated version of its Malicious Software Removal Tool until February 14, as was always scheduled, even though that version will contain a fix for the Kama Sutra/Blackworm/MyWife virus, which is set to delete Office documents on February 3.

Why Microsoft won’t release it early is a mystery. The virus has a time-bomb, so why not release the fix before the timebomb? If the fix isn’t ready, just say so, and we’ll understand. But to say that you have it, but will release it eleven days late, well, that’s just cruel. And probably irresponsible.

To keep your computer safe, run the virus scan from the Windows Live Safety Center or Windows OneCare, both of which will detect the virus and remove it.

(via Slashdot)

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