Microsoft Windows Live Local Technology Preview

    February 28, 2006

Today, via the Internet, Windows Live Local is offering up a limited Technical Preview of street-side’ a new feature that Microsoft is building for its Windows Live Local consumer local search and mapping site.

Street-side provides three new street-level vantage points for Windows Live Local users wanting a sneak preview of desired destinations, and surrounding visual cues on how to get there. I just spent some time driving around Seattle and San Francisco using the technology. The 3 different viewer perspectives are quite cool, similar in concept to what you see at A9 if you’ve ever walked the streets using their fine mapping app. I wasn’t too big on the Race Car concept, although I’m sure some will find it quite cool!

Walking the streets to get a feel for an area is very interesting and the imagery definitely make it simple and fun. you can see more from my tour at or try the technology for yourself at Of note, those interesting in hacking the service to create a mashup can forget about it… that’s not a supported feature at this time!

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