Microsoft Windows Automotive Version Announced In Japan

    July 13, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The software company disclosed the latest version of its automotive-grade software platform in Yokohama.

Windows Automotive 5.0 has been designed for the custom creation of in-vehicle software solutions. Those include navigation and communication systems, as well as entertainment.

One of the features of the new platform will be greater virtual memory support. This in turn can better deliver 3D graphics and advanced navigation displays. Most importantly, the software will have a faster cold-boot time, a necessity since drivers expect their vehicle’s systems to be immediately available after starting the car.

The new platform has been based on Windows CE, which it has been touting as an option for the needs of embedded systems developers. To better increase adoption of the platform, Automotive 5.0 will support MIPS and SuperH CPUs, which are commonly used in the industry.

Microsoft points out the driver benefits that can be derived from products developed for Automotive 5.0. A vehicle could get directions to the lowest-priced gas in a given area, or render turn-by-turn instructions while traveling. Getting that information would require some sort of interface with a content provider; Microsoft has not announced any partnerships with the likes of OnStar or any municipal governments in this recent release.

Many advanced electronics suppliers to automobiles have been using versions of Windows Automotive since 1998. The list reads like the Crutchfield catalog index: Alpine, Clarion, Kenwood, Pioneer, and others.

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