Microsoft Wields Updated Webmaster Tools

More crawl details provided to webmasters

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Microsoft’s Live Search behavior should yield more information to site publishers as the company took its Webmaster Tools out of beta and tweaked them with some new features.

Addressing the needs of webmasters, and doing it well, will contribute to the overall success of Microsoft’s desires for Internet profitability. The company wants to compete with Google on search advertising, no small challenge now that Google has Yahoo locked up with a deal to place ads on Yahoo Search.

Things can change, and they do so by being responsive to the needs of one’s customers. Microsoft recognized its need to reach webmasters with tools that make working with Microsoft’s Live Search a better prospect.

It’s taken Microsoft some time to ramp up and chase after Google, which published its Webmaster Central some time ago. Google tends to update that service regularly, and Microsoft followed suit with updates to its version of webmaster assistance.

Microsoft’s Webmaster Tools present ways for people to reach out for more traffic and analyze it once they have arrived. An update noted on the Live Search Webmaster Center blog showed it leaving beta, bringing along some updated tools as well.

Webmasters need to know how well Live Search crawls their site. Microsoft hopes to shed some light on this by presenting “crawl issues” encountered during the spidering process. The feature shows which of four types of issues the Live Search crawler encountered:

  • File Not Found (404)

  • Blocked by REP
  • Long Dynamic URLs
  • Unsupported Content-Types

As grizzled webmasters can see, Microsoft is just starting to catch up with Google in this regard.

Microsoft also said they enhanced the tool that gives details on the backlink data for sites. A limited look at that information during the beta period for Webmaster Tools expanded to show more data about those backlinks.

Additional tweaks gave webmasters more options to filter data, and a download option to pull that data to the desktop in comma-delimited (CSV) format. It’s a small step for Microsoft, one that the corporate masters overseeing the effort need to watch closely and ensure it receives continual updating to satisfy webmasters who are used to what Google provides.

Microsoft Wields Updated Webmaster Tools
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  • http://seo.pittwebsite.com Pittsburgh SEO

    I was just checking out the Webmaster tools and looking at the changes in Firefox and there are tons of issues with navagation. It keeps trying to redirect me and refreshing the page every second while trying to redirect me. So I end up having to press a link to manualy redirect myself but it does not always work.

    I think they should focus on getting their webmaster tools navagation more stable it’s a real pain to try to use them.

  • http://www.w7b.org Webmaster

    Theres a Webmaster Tools in MSN? Gwad, Its a news to me.

    Thanks David, I am gonna try it out now.

  • http://website-related.com Website-Related

    lol!! i keep forgetting about micr$ofts search engine!!


  • http://www.catskillwebsitedesign.com/ Catskill Web Design

    They have a long way to go.

  • http://www.sesecrets.com Dallas SEO

    While I agree that MSN has a ways to go, it is nice to see them coming out with some tools for us. It may be too little to late, but it is definitely nice to see some effort.

  • http://www.onlinex.com/ Online

    Listening to Satya Nadella keynote presentation at SES San Jose 08, I think that MSN started figuring out that they need to invest in a long term strategy in order to increase their market share.

    They know they are behind, so they start opening their platform for webmaster as Yahoo does. Having said that, they still have a long way to go.

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