Microsoft: What Google Killer?

    June 11, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Microsoft doesn’t have a Google-killer, and that’s pretty much it. At least, that’s how it sounds from a somewhat flippant Satya Nadella, Mr. Softy’s newest head of search and search advertising.

Microsoft: What Google Killer?
“Microsoft: What Google Killer?”
Microsoft: What Google Killer?

But we knew that already. Nonetheless, ComputerWorld’s Nancy Gohring captured this Nadella sound bite regarding rumors the Beast of Redmond had a new search engine it was keeping under wraps:

When they get it done, I hope they’ll send me a link to it so I’ll know about it.


Nadella said they’d continue to tweak the old one, which pulled itself to third place rather quickly and stayed there. Like Yahoo, perhaps Microsoft is satisfied with its position online – it is after all pulling in double the share of the nearest competitor down the list.

Or maybe, if we wanted to stretch that out a bit, Nadella’s words point a sharp finger at his predecessors, two of which left somewhat quickly. One of them, as our David Utter notes, left for a nonprofit gig.

"That’s not a good sign," he writes, "when the person charged with taking on the competition gets a good look at the opponent’s ship of the line and decides he’s better off in a rowboat."

Nice one, Dave.