Microsoft Uses Siri to Mock Apple in New Ad

By: Josh Wolford - May 23, 2013

Remember that ad for Apple’s iPad Mini last year that featured the Heart and Soul duet? Sure you do. Well, Microsoft is taking inspiration from it – but not to make their own musical ad, but to bash Apple’s iPad’s lack of real, useful features.

The new ad for Windows 8 is called “Less talking, more doing” and it makes fun of Siri, who is rendered useless.

“Sorry, I don’t update like that,” says Siri. “I’m sorry, I can only do one thing at a time – I guess Powerpoint isn’t one of those things. I guess we should just play chopsticks.”

Ouch. Sick burn, Microsoft.

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  • Vgopal

    Microsoft looks so desperate…

    • What?

      Says crapple fanboy!

    • Sasquatchmaster

      Really? This is rather tame compared to their traditional standby ‘Hi, I’m a Mac, this is a PC, welcome to Jackass’ routine, which we all know and love to point out the holes of reasoning therein.