Microsoft Upgrades Live’s Webmaster Tools

    August 10, 2008

Most people think the Webmaster Tools programs as a bit like black holes. You send in a question, concern or idea and nothing ever happens…it just sort of disappears.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, the truth is light years away from this thinking.

Witness Live’s revised and expanded WMT program.

Working at Microsoft, I’ve had occassion to meet and hang out with the folks who drive the WMT program, and I can honestly say, they are an excellent bunch of smart, talented folks. What particularly impressed me with them was the depth to which they were willing to go to learn more about what the webmastering community, in general, wanted from tools.

With expanded focus on points such as backlink data, surfacing issues with your site and more advanced filtering of data, their newest additions make this toolset a truly useful addition to any Webmaster’s toolbox. And hey, if one of the biggest engines online is willing to invest in helping you make your site better, that’s got to be worth something.

If you’re reading htis last bit of praise and thinking, “Yeah, but Duane works for MSFT, so he has to think that way.”, guess again. Holding the cup of Kool-Aid and drinking it are two very different things.

The bottom line with this update at Live’s WMT program – it’s worth using and gives you useful data.

Now, stop reading, and start checking it out already!