Microsoft Unveils Speech Tech Acquisition

    October 6, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Some of Unveil Technologies’ intellectual property pertaining to speech recognition has been purchased by Microsoft.

Enterprise call center technology firm Unveil has sold its Adaptive Learning and Conversation Assist assets to Microsoft, a press release disclosed today. Microsoft will incorporate the components, formerly part of Unveil Conversation Suite, into future versions of Microsoft Speech Server.

Key engineers from Waltham, MA-based Unveil who worked on the technology will be hired to work for Microsoft and continue their duties. Financial terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

Microsoft’s purchase gives it another piece of a key it needs to unlock the call center market. By bringing its ease-of-use approach to Speech Server and implementing advanced tools, the company hopes to make speech application development an easier prospect and another sales channel for its Windows Server platform.

“Technology like Unveil’s Conversation Suite helps make speech recognition systems even more efficient and beneficial for companies looking for ways to improve their contact centers,” Microsoft cited Art Schoeller, senior analyst for Yankee Group, in its announcement. “Integrating this technology into a larger platform such as Speech Server is a natural extension for both companies and will have a positive outcome for customers.”

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