Microsoft Throws Two Vets, Three Labs Behind Social Effort

    October 8, 2009

If two heads are better than one, then bringing together two top veterans and three different labs may really accomplish something special.  Microsoft’s going to see what happens, anyway, as it announced the existence of the FUture Social Experiences (FUSE) Labs today. 

Ray OzzieRay Ozzie, Microsoft’s chief software architect, was the main force behind the development, and Lili Cheng, who’s worked for Microsoft since 1995, will be the general manager of FUSE Labs.  The involvement of these two individuals suggests that Microsoft’s hoping for some significant results.

As for the purpose of the new group, "FUSE Labs’ team will explore new social, real-time and media-rich applications and services that add value to existing products, or could be released on their own," according to a corporate statement.

Lili ChengAlso, if you’re curious, Microsoft’s Creative Systems Group, Rich Media Labs, and Startup Labs are the three entities that were merged to create FUSE Labs.  FUSE Labs should include about 80 people, and they’ll be based in both Redmond and Cambridge.

Otherwise, details are scarce.  Microsoft, Ozzie, and Cheng didn’t announce anything with regards to specific products or general release dates.  But whether this ties to a potential deal with Twitter, Microsoft’s investment in Facebook, or something(s) else entirely, it’ll surely be interesting to see what comes out of FUSE Labs.