Microsoft Tests Web Based Aggregator – Snubs Firefox

    March 10, 2005

Wanna see what might be coming soon, in answer to Ask Jeeves’ Bloglines? Of course you do …

Will be the Next Big Online Aggregator?
Here it is, as part of MSN’s Sandbox:

You’ll need to view it in IE, and you’ll need to hit the “show” link at the top left to see what it does – It didn’t appear to work at all when i tried it but hey, it’s in the sandbox! heh..

Snubbing Firefox
Naturally throws web standards out of the window and thus Firefox with it, what more would you expect? (Small Plastic Trumpet to the first one to point out that Threadwatch doesn’t validate either heh..) but if they’re going to work on this, one would hope that it’s not a deliberate snub and that it will look good in as many modern browsers as possible.

We will see.

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