Microsoft Takes Users Behind Bing

Bing Has a New Site to Keep Users Informed of New Features

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Microsoft has launched a new site for Bing, where users can go to find out the latest features that have been implemented into the search engine (excuse me, "decision engine"). The site’s called Behind Bing.

"You can see each feature in action though a screencast, see me talk about why we did it the way we did (for those who like to geek out), and get some drill-down details," says Bing’s Stefan Weitz. "For those of you pressed for time, check out ‘Features for You’ at the bottom of the site which highlights some features that I thought were especially cool depending on what and where you are."

Behind Bing

Highlighted on the site currently are sections looking at:

- Real-time search
– Bing Local
– Weather/Event results
– Enhanced Results
– Enhanced hover
– Bing for mobile
– Videos
– Bing Travel
– Bing Health
– Visual Search
– Bing Shopping
– Wolfram Alpha
– Search Sharing
– Reference

There are videos and other sections for "explore," "overview," and "insight guide." If you don’t regularly keep up with Bing’s announcements or search news in general, this should serve as a good place to check out from time to time just to see what the search engine has been up to, and to stay informed about any functionalities that you may have otherwise missed. That will of course require that Microsoft keeps it updated. 

On a related note, all of the features that Bing announced last week are supposed to be "100%" live now for all users, but that doesn’t seem to be accurate, as I am not able to access some of the new stuff yet.

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Microsoft Takes Users Behind Bing
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  • http://rapidcoolrooms.com.au Andrew B

    I like Bing as a search engine. I rate fairly high on it with my site so any new features that make it easy for people to find me the better it is for my site.
    Andrew B.

  • http://www.controldatainc.com agency collection

    I agree, I really like bing. Bing brings in a breath of fresh air to web searching.

  • Guest

    Superb Bing. Now i have started binging the data i needed. Bing it!!!

  • http://deck-boards.com Deck-Boards.com

    So click the link and go to this new MS site about Bing because I want to learn.

    It’s ASP.Net’ed out nd takes a good 20 seconds to load. And then a layer drops down in front of everything saying I have to install silverlight to view the site (I do have silverlight installed btw).

    In short, their site doesn’t work!

    I’m rooting for you MS, but you just don’t get the internet. You should have used a Linux server and not used Silverlight. It’s a web site, it’s on the internet, your products obviously aren’t ready for the internet yet. Make web sites that are compatible and people will read them.

    • Guest

      You might have used a firestone as a computer. ASP.NET is used by millions of websites. It loads in 2 seconds on all computers. Catch up, my friend.

  • http://threads.ecrater.com Threads Romantic and Cool Vintage Clothing

    I love Bing as well, however when I click on the “Behind Bing” link above — http://www.discoverbing.com/behindbing/ — it only suggests a “Microsoft Silverlight” download, even when you click on the “this feature in action”, it opens a download box. In fact, you get the same result — the download box — with any of the links you wish to click on. Just me?

    Thank you for all of your consistently great articles though, Chris! :D

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  • http://horse-racingbettingtips.co.uk horserider

    because of their home pages..its pretty cool that they are already using silverlight on their default home pages

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