Microsoft Sees Super Duty

    November 1, 2005

The age of the high-tech redneck is at hand. The Ford Motor Company plans to offer wireless mobile offices in F-series trucks as an option for people who do business on the road. The office will come equipped with a mobile computer running Windows XP and will include a version of Microsoft Office.

“Before the office environment that many of us work in today, you knew you had arrived when you worked your way up to the corner office with a door,” said Patty Dilger, director of the Automotive and Industrial Equipment Industry Vertical at Microsoft.

“With the F-Series Super Duty, we’ve arrived at the ultimate option for today’s worker on the move – a four-door office that corners well. For the contractor or business owner who travels to multiple work sites, the functionality and connectivity of the easy-to-use Ford mobile office system dramatically improves productivity while on a job site.”

The new accessory package, slated for availability next year made its preview at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas. The dealer installed accessory package will include a Stargate Mobile computer loaded with software.

The software will include Windows XP Professional and the Office Suite. Office includes Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Other system features include GPS, wireless broadband, a printer, credit card scanner and the computer comes equipped with a digital camera.

This will allow workers to complete a variety of tasks including making purchases, bid jobs and process payments. The computer is mounted on a tunnel hump within easy reach of the driver. Once mounted, the computer will be tied to the truck battery.

“The Ford mobile office system is a small, lightweight computer that can be docked inside the vehicle and used away from the traditional office,” said John Cooper, president of Stargate Mobile. “The computer’s rugged, portable design also allows the user to take the unit anywhere on the job site for the ultimate in mobility.”

“Innovative hardware and software solutions continue to drive useful new scenarios for the automotive community,” Dilger said. “We’re leveraging the technology people are already familiar with to meet consumers’ evolving view of their vehicles’ capabilities and purpose. We’re helping people achieve peak performance, and software is the key to empowering people to lead efficient mobile lifestyles.”

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.