Microsoft Secures Deal With Philips Over DRM

    May 12, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The Dutch electronics manufacturer signs a non-exclusive deal with Microsoft to use its digital rights management technology.

Philips will include support for Windows Media Player 10 and Windows Media DRM 10 in its Nexperia semiconductors. Devices like digital media receivers and portable music players use the company’s chipset.

Support for in-car audio and digital TV use of the software will follow this year.

Digital rights management allows a content creator to protect its creations from use outside of its intended purpose. Songs can be licensed for streaming playback only, or portable use with a valid subscription to a digital music service.

Microsoft updated its DRM package last year to version 10. The update included components for managing rights on portable platforms and on networked devices.

And the company has licensed the technology to a variety of companies, including Sony and Creative.

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