Microsoft Rolls Out SkyDrive App for Windows Phone, iPhone


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Microsoft debuted their SkyDrive app yesterday for iPhone and Windows Phone. For those not yet familiar with it, SkyDrive is Microsoft's cloud service you can use to access your documents, notes, photos, etc. from any computer. SkyDrive is already integrated into the Windows Phone OS but this app simplifies the process of uploading and sharing documents for people who rely pretty heavily on the service. As with most cloud services, SkyDrive is a great way to avoid using up your phone's hard drive space with superfluous files. It's an easy service to use when you need to share files with someone and now Microsoft has improved the accessibility of SkyDrive for many smartphone users.

Aside from the general UI difference inherent to the phones, the app works very similarly on iPhones and Windows Phones. As of right now, the SkyDrive app is available everywhere that Microsoft offers the Windows Phone though they hope to make it available in more regions. No word yet if Android devices will be getting any SkyDrive app love, but that remains to be seen.

The SkyDrive team have provided some walk-through tutorial videos for both of the Windows Phone and iPhone.

At first glance, the SkyDrive app appears to be a suitable and competitive alternative to Apple's iCloud as well as with third party apps like Evernote. Among the many file sharing cloud services out there, how many of you already do or are planning to make use of Microsoft's SkyDrive app?