Microsoft Portable Media Player Rumors

    July 18, 2006

Engadget has more on the rumored Microsoft portable media player. The reactions in the comment area on Engadget are pretty interesting.

Looks like the readers are focusing on hard drive space. I think that’s the wrong place to look.

At Gnomedex I was going around asking people how many megs they had stored on their iPod. Average answer was around 8GBs. So, having only 30 isn’t necessarily a deal killer.

Second, it’ll be interesting to see if Microsoft has a wifi exclusive for very long.

If Apple lets Microsoft have that for more than a month you’ll see people saying that Apple is dying again.

I’d take a 30GB player with Wifi over a 60GB player without any day of the week.

Why? Cause I hate wires. But, with Wifi I could listen to streaming audio or video again. And, Microsoft is more willing to bring me a subscription music service than Apple seems to be. I’d rather have a player that gives me a choice on that account.

As for not working with “Plays for Sure.” Well, this is cause that program had no teeth. I heard that players were released that wouldn’t play for sure and that made that program unusable.

As to “leaks” coming out? Well, Microsoft can’t control partners and non-employees, or even employees. I doubt this stuff is being leaked on purpose.

I’m sure the PM’s are furious about this stuff being disclosed.

The most disappointing thing about all these rumors? That this player won’t be released until next year.

I’m not waiting. I’m getting a new iPod with my equipment money this year.

How about you?

Update, Joshua Allen, Microsoft’s first blogger (seriously, he was) says to calm down. Good points. I got hot and in a bother about Longhorn and it still hasn’t shipped.

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