Microsoft Podcasting Client

    March 24, 2006

Giovanni Gallucci reports that Microsoft demo’d its upcoming podcasting client at Mix 06.

Not much information, except that performance was excellent, with a Rocketboom video playing perfectly without a hitch. The real news: The client will be open source, shipping with the source code and SDK. That should excite some Microsoft haters.

They’ve also got a video of the client in action, showing off the aforementioned Rocketboom clip. Paul Colligan says it ties into Windows Vista Media Center.

UPDATE: Okay, just watched the actual video. Its only 17 seconds long, but it speaks volumes. The UI is a cross between Media Center and the Mac OS RSS screensaver. Pressing up and down slides the list of items up and down, and they also rotate. Also shows was a list of RSS feeds flying upwards in a column, spinning like crazy. I have no idea how this works, but it looks very cool. Windows can use all the cool it can get. I approve.

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