Microsoft Phi-lips Over Nexperia Deal

    May 13, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Microsoft and Philips entered into a long term agreement to partner up Windows Media and Philips Nexperia hardware.

The goal is to ease the transfer of digital entertainment from PC’s to other electronic devices.

The deal offers Philips’ support of Windows Media Audio & Video and Windows Media Digital Rights Management 10 in its Nexperia semiconductors.

The marriage covers a wide range of products, including digital receivers, video recorders, portable audio, video phones, digital TVs, and car stereos.

Frans van Houten, president of Philips Semiconductors said, “as the flow of content between PCs and digital media players increases, adding this technology to the Nexperia platforms offers a simple solution to ensure that, regardless of the device on which a video is being viewed or a song being played, it looks and sounds great every time.”