Microsoft Patch Tuesday Arriving

    June 13, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

At least one of the seven security bulletins for Windows has been designated Critical by the software company.

Windows system administrators should expect ten security bulletins to become available from the Redmond-based software and game console maker on Tuesday.

A total of ten patches have been announced by Microsoft via their advance notification program. This lets admins know when they should expect to have to update certain systems, so they can schedule downtime accordingly.

While seven of the bulletins have been slated to update Windows operating systems, there are three others that could affect an enterprise. One bulletin will be for the Windows and Microsoft Services for Unix, and has been rated Moderate under the company’s system of classifications.

Another bulletin that will have a broad impact will be for Exchange, the Microsoft mail server. This bulletin has been classified Important and will probably be a priority for mail administrators.

The last bulletin fixes an issue with Internet Security and Acceleration Server and associated Small Business server, and has been rated Moderate.

All bulletins are subject to update or revision without notice. Microsoft users can find more security information online, and sign up for e-mail updates of security issues there.

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