Microsoft Names New President Of Windows Division

    July 8, 2009

Steven Sinofsky is supposed to be very good at his job, and we’re sure his promotion wasn’t made in response to Google’s operating system-related announcement.  But in a move that speaks to Microsoft’s confidence in Windows 7, Sinofsky, who contributed to the project, has been made president of the Windows Division.

Let’s cover his qualifications first.  Sinofsky has degrees from both Cornell and the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  He held the appointment of visiting scholar at Harvard Business School in 1998, as well, and somehow it took two people to cover his old position another time he moved around within Microsoft.

Also, Steve Ballmer said in a statement, "Steven Sinofsky has demonstrated the ability to lead large teams that deliver great products.  The work he and the team have done in getting ready to ship Windows 7 really defines how to develop and ship world-class software.  He is a perfect fit to lead the Windows group."

So after leading the Windows and Windows Live Engineering Group, Sinofsky will become responsible for Windows, Windows Live, and Internet Explorer in terms of both engineering and marketing.

You can imagine that members of the Google Chrome OS team might be feeling a little intimidated right now; whether Microsoft meant to or not, it’s definitely upped the ante in the operating system arms race.