Microsoft Might Buy Logitech

    January 11, 2008

Opinions seem to be split over whether the idea is either practical or "good," and as a further problem, there’s not much evidence that the idea is being seriously considered.  Still, it’s Friday, and a rumor that Microsoft will buy Logitech is making the rounds.Microsoft Might Buy Logitech

Logitech is a hardware manufacture specializing in PC peripherals – mice, keyboards, joysticks, and so on.  But you probably know that.  And you probably also know that Microsoft makes a lot of these things, and is quite successful within the industry.  So an acquisition might seem a little pointless.

Logitech is a strong competitor, though, and it wouldn’t be terrible for Microsoft to have such a money-maker in its stable.  Yet (and you can see that thinking about this subject requires a lot of back-and-forth) Beranger Guille and Ben Bschorthe point out that the combination of Microsoft and Logitech might be so powerful as to raise antitrust concerns.

We’ll be sure to report any additional updates, then, if there’s a change that they’ll bring clarity to the situation.  Generally speaking, though, it’s hard to completely discount this or any other rumor involving Microsoft – Steve Ballmer recently promised to buy companies at the rate of 20 per year for the next five years, and so far, we’ve seen little follow-through.