Microsoft Meeting Snarls Traffic

    September 26, 2006

Microsoft held it’s company meeting at Safeco Field (where the Seattle Mariners play), and area drivers were not happy.

More than 14,000 employees attended, and although over half got there on just 184 buses, it still made for more traffic than people are used to at 9:30 am.

From the Seattle PI:

And just to make sure that’s all that got out, Microsoft put butcher paper over windows looking in on the field and assigned a public-relations handler to stay at each reporter’s hip for the brief time they were allowed inside.

Apparently, the anonymous blogger Mini-Microsoft leaked out something sensitive said at the meeting about the forthcoming Vista operating system. The offensive language had been removed by Friday after several comments were posted chastising the blogger for disclosing company secrets.

Here’s what was left: “And the [[wow, holy crap, guess I shouldn’t have mentioned that!]] for Vista was news to me.”

Maybe it will be news to the rest of us soon.

So far, I can’t find anything on what Mini posted. If anyone caught the post before he deleted it, let me know.


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