Microsoft Looks To An Xbox Wii60

    May 12, 2006

Xbox Vice President Peter Moore admitted to the Washington Post on Thursday what has been obvious all week:

That the best value for gamers is to buy the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii, which combined will cost as much as a Sony Playstation 3. Now, Microsoft doesn’t need to team up with Nintendo to make this succeed, but it couldn’t hurt for them to start helping the Wii platform. The comparisons match up perfectly.

Worried about money? Buy a Wii
Can afford a little more? 360
Can afford a little more than that? Buy both
Need a tilt sensor? Wii’s got that
Need high-end graphics? 360, baby
Need games for kids? Wii is the best
Need hardcore games? 360 is tops
Need to save space? Wii is smallest
Need a hard drive and Media Center? 360 is for you

Need BluRay? That’ll be $600, for the console that has absolutely nothing else that the other two already have. BluRay becomes the only selling point for the PS3, as an Xbox/Wii combo contains everything else, and a broader swath of games than Sony will ever offer. Plus, Nintendo has the better “fun” games, Microsoft has the better online service. PS3 vs. 360 is a wash, because anything the PS3 has and the 360 doesn’t, is absorbed by the higher price. But 360/Wii vs. PS3 makes the competition look like a joke.

In a perfect world, Microsoft and Nintendo team up, offering cross-platform options, adding value to people who buy both. In a more realistic world, Microsoft makes sure the price of the 360 is exactly equal to the cost of the PS3 minus the cost of the Wii.

“Tell me why you would buy a $600 PS3?” Peter Moore, a Microsoft vice president, said in an interview. “People are going to buy two (machines.) They’re going to buy an Xbox and they’re going to buy a Wii for the price of one PS3.”

(via Joystiq)

Also, here’s what Nintendo’s president, Satoru Iwata, had to say about the affordability of the Wii vs. PS3:

First of all, all we’ve said is that we’ll have an affordable price range. We’re using affordable’ in the sense that the price won’t be significantly higher than Nintendo’s prices have been historically. Compared with $600, anything is affordable, so it’s absurd to even compare our price.

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