Microsoft Live Search News Launches

    April 16, 2008

Everyone’s got their favorite news sites; as other trends come and go, these tend to be something they stick by.  Still, Microsoft is tossing a fresh offering onto the scene in the form of Live Search News.

Live Search News
 Microsoft Live Search News

Much like Google News, Live Search News presents stories from a number of different sources.  Unlike Google News, the stories aren’t divided into topic sections by default (although there are navigation tabs), and a handful of videos get prominent placement.

One other difference relates to local coverage.  Google News gives its users the option of calling a local news section into existence.  Live Search News just sticks a column on the page.  Also, said column is showing your Kentucky-based WebProNews writers headlines from Illinois, which doesn’t seem right.

Both Barry Schwartz and Andy Beal have noted that Microsoft Live Search lacks RSS feeds, as well.

Due to being connected to Live Search and Hotmail, Live Search News is sure to get some traffic.  It doesn’t appear to represent any great leaps forward, however, and seems unlikely to edge out Google News or any single-source sites.