Microsoft Launches H1N1 Flu Website

    October 7, 2009

Microsoft has launched a new website, "H1N1 Response Center," which provides people with up to date relevant content and allows them to monitor symptoms and get advice using an H1N1 self-service tool.

The H1N1 Response Center’s self-assessment tool is licensed from medical and public health experts at Emory University. The service helps people determine if their symptoms could be caused by the H1N1 flu virus and provides recommendations about what they can do next.



"By providing an at-home tool that can help users evaluate whether they need to see a provider before they head to the hospital, we can encourage those who are severely ill or at risk for serious illness to contact their doctor, and reassure everyone else that it is safe and prudent to recover at home," said Dr. Arthur Kellermann, professor of emergency medicine and an associate dean of the Emory School of Medicine.

"This will reduce the number of people needlessly exposed to H1N1 influenza in crowded clinic and ER waiting rooms, and allow doctors and nurses to focus their attention on those who need them most."

People who decide to seek medical attention can connect their self-assessment results with Microsoft Health Vault, which stores personal health information online.

Google has introduced related services such as its Flu Trends which provides information on the latest flu activity and an iPhone app for swine flu called "Outbreaks Near Me."