Microsoft Launches Bing iPhone App, Addresses Issues

    December 18, 2009
    Chris Crum

Update: Microsoft has addressed a few issues with the iPhone app that have been discovered. On the Bing Search Blog, Justin Jed of Bing for Mobile talks about three known issues:

1.       Using voice search outside the U.S. crashes the app. We’ve identified that the issue relates to the region the phone is set to. We’re working on a fix for this right now, and we’ll update the app in the next few days. People will get the update automatically – you won’t have to update or reinstall the app. If you are encountering this issue you can temporarily work around it by going to Settings > General > International and change your Region Format to “United States.” 

2.       App doesn’t work on 1st generation iPod Touch. The Bing app officially supports 2nd generation iPod Touch devices, but we’re in the process of testing those 1st generation devices as well. We’ll announce support for that as soon as testing is complete.

3.       No search results outside the U.S. At this time Bing is only fully supported on the iPhone for the US; in some regions people may not be seeing results at all. While there was a brief period of which the Bing iPhone app was being offered in international markets at this time international availability has been suspended. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience and we hope to expand our support and availability of the app in other regions in future versions of the Bing app for the iPhone. If you are in the US or if you are encountering this issue and or you are looking for a  temporarily work around go to Settings > General > International and change your Region Format to “United States.”

Original Article: Microsoft has launched a Bing app for the iPhone. It’s now available for download in the Apple App store.

Of course the iPhone app is not the first mobile experience Bing has offered. There is already Bing for Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Sidekick and select BREW-based devices on Verizon.

Key features of the iPhone app include:

– Daily image from
– Easy to access voice search
– Tips and tricks on the home page
– "Locate Me" functionality
– Ability to add pushpins and save locations
– Show multiple locations on a single map

"Our investments in voice search (you may have played with them on Windows phones or BlackBerry already) continues in our iPhone App and works great for map locations as well as old fashioned web search," says Justin Jed of Bing for mobile. "Just say ‘San Francisco weather,’ for a quick result, or even say a full address for a map or directions.  Try something complex, like ‘1 Microsoft Way, Redmond 98052.’ (Yes, I know how to get to work.) Hold the phone to your ear and speak, or press the mic button—simple."

Bing iPhone App

"Speaking of directions (ha), looking for a coffee shop nearby? Bing automatically finds your location," adds Jed. "It’s also easy to discover a new spot by category such as restaurants, banks, theaters and choose whether you want walking or driving directions."

The infinite scrolling of Bing’s image search is said to translate well to the iPhones’s interface. There are apparently a lot more features that Microsoft isn’t going into detail about, as they would rather have you just download the iPhone app and find them for yourself.

There’s no word from the company on when an Android app might become available.

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