Microsoft Joins Yahoo In Criticizing Google Instant

Exec says Bing about task completion, not more results

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Many people laughed when Microsoft chose to call Bing a "decision engine," but the logic behind that name was apparent today when Microsoft exec Yusuf Mehdi spoke at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference.  Mehdi indicated that he thinks Google Instant represents a step in the wrong direction.

Mehdi, the senior vice president of the Online Audience Business, said according to Juan Carlos Perez, "Both companies are focused on the notion of improving [search] performance for people.  Where we’re different is that for us it’s about speed to task completion.  It’s about getting what you want accomplished, it’s not about getting a lot more results."

That’s a smart concept.  Think of it this way: it’s nice when a mechanic knows the make, and model, and year of your vehicle and orders parts accordingly.  It’d be less helpful if he showed you a selection of parts for all cars of a certain make and all cars of a certain model year before landing upon the right thing.

Yusuf MehdiOf course, in practice, Google Instant can save people a few keystrokes, and it’s possible for Google users to just turn the feature off, as well.

Anyway, Mehdi’s comments are reminiscent of something Shashi Seth, the senior vice president of Yahoo Search Products, recently said, so it looks like neither Bing nor Yahoo is too jealous of Google’s tech.

As for a couple side projects Bing is working on, Perez wrote, "Mehdi also showed Bing’s upcoming home page, viewed with the company’s latest browser IE 9, streaming a full-screen video of whales swimming in the ocean . . . .  He also showed the ability for people to zoom deeply into a Bing full-screen background image of Mount Rushmore."

Microsoft Joins Yahoo In Criticizing Google Instant
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  • http://www.itsrantastic.com aldo

    I was never impressed by it. It annoyed the crap out of me when it was all over the web, as if it was something innovative and awesome.

    Quite frankly, its pointless, and certainly no where at all innovative. This technology to accomplish the task of Google Instant has been around for quite some time.

    There is nothing new, just the results Google was serving previously show up as you type.

  • Guest

    I don’t use Google anymore. I just can’t find what I look for anymore. I’m using Yahoo. Yahoo is right on target and less annoying with that instant thing. Google’s search results are irrelevant to the query

  • Guest

    As an SEO I hate Instant. When I put on my user hat, I find it annoying at best. It doesn’t instantly take me to where I want to go, but rather seems to want to lead me astray.

    The only possible way this appears to have any value is in mobile search, where typing is a hassle and this may save some keyboard touches. However, I’m not one who does mobile browsing (it’s too small of a screen and my browsing can wait until I get to the office or home where I can see things on a 17″ or a 22″ monitor).

    Other than that, I hope it leads to Google losing more of it’s market share. I find myself using Bing a lot more recently…and liking it.

  • http://www.TonyasDynamicDesigns.com ~KUDOS GOES OUT TO GOOGLE, YAHOO, and BING!~


    As a FLASH, HTML, and CSS Website Designer and Search Engine Optimization Specialist–I am constantly working on either a client’s website or my own website to get it ranked higher in search engines by adding more content.

    I have always loved searching on Google, but I also search on Yahoo and Bing as well in order to compare search engine results which is what every website designer should do for themselves and also for their clients. =)

    Sincerely yours,
    Tonya with http://www.TonyasDynamicDesigns.com
    in Stafford, VA near Washington, DC

  • Deke

    Die Google, die!!!

    I hate Google and only use Bing now.

    How about that great keyword tool they have now, huh? Makes you want to cut Google’s nuts off.

  • Guest

    I couldn’t find what I wanted using Google Instant. Had to go back to the old way of searching. For someone simply checking out results, it might be great. For me, it was a waste – despite how “instant” it was.

  • http://tmpdm.com/ourwork/whitepapers.asp Cory Grassell

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