Microsoft Issues A Number Of Security Updates

    April 13, 2005

A day after the SP2 block expired, Microsoft released a number of updates addressing security issues affecting Windows, Office, Messenger, and Exchange. Of the eight updates (five for Windows), five are considered to be critical.

All of the updates address security issues for the components they were released for. The five critical security patches fix vulnerabilities that would allow malicious users to take complete control of a system, whereas, the three other updates address general security vulnerabilities, but they are not rated “critical”.

The updates are as follows:

April 2005 Updates for Exchange
April 2005 Updates for Windows
April 2005 Update for MSN Messenger
April 2005 Update for Office

According to, Microsoft has also re-released “two security bulletins: MS05-002 for users running Windows 98, 98 Second Edition and Windows ME; and MS05-009 for users running Windows Messenger.”

Please visit the Microsoft Security Home Page for more information.

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