Microsoft Introduces Office Outlook Live

    January 20, 2005

Combining the abilities of Hotmail and Outlook, Microsoft has unveiled Office Outlook Live.

According to the Outlook Live webpage, Microsoft’s new service is subscription based and “provides you with Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 for Subscription Services, a whopping 2 GB Hotmail or MSN e-mail account, and the ability to manage multiple e-mail accounts through a single application.”

Currently, Office Outlook Live is being offered for 25% less than the regular price at $44.95 a year. The normal price is $59.95. Initially, Office Outlook Live will only be available to the United States and the United Kingdom. No word has been given about expanding Microsoft’s new email service to additional territories.

Microsoft touts their new product as A Superior E-Mail Experience. To give validity to this boast, OOL offers users a great deal of features and options besides increasing storage. One such option allows members to send emails with 20MB attachments. OOL also comes with virus and spam protection.

To learn more about Microsoft’s new email “experience,” visit their Office Outlook Live site.

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