Microsoft Introduces adCenter Learning Center

    September 25, 2008

Instructions can sometimes be a little overwhelming; what comes with a new cell phone will keep you occupied for about as long as Stephen King’s "The Stand."  It never hurts to have some help available, though, and so Microsoft has introduced the adCenter Learning Center.

The Learning Center is supposed to help people with every possible level of advertising experience.  Podcasts, videos, and interactive tools – in addition to standard Q&A blocks of text – are all available or on the way.  Users should also get to influence what else is introduced.

Microsoft Logo

"Bottom line: I want to make it easy for you to advertise with Microsoft," wrote Kelley Myers on the adCenter Blog.  "I’m ready for your feedback, comments, and suggestions. . . .  Maybe you’re a sophisticated user who isn’t interested in the mechanics, but you’d like to learn more about the strategy of search.  Maybe you’re a small business owner who is doing it all on your own – site design, search advertising, lead generation, and marketing – and you’d like to see who else is successful and how they’re doing it.  What information is important?  What would you like to see?"

If complexity is the one thing that’s been keeping advertisers away from Microsoft, consider the Learning Center a magic bullet.  If not, well, this is at least a polite nod to current users.

A hat tip goes to Nathania Johnson, and a few questioning looks may be headed towards the writers behind cell phone manuals.