Microsoft IE Leaves Mac Safari

    December 19, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Microsoft will no longer support Internet Explorer on the Macintosh platform, and the browser itself won’t be available for download.

Citing existing lifecycle policies, Microsoft’s Macintosh Business Unit announced support for Internet Explorer for the Mac comes to an end on December 31.

That will end security updates for the browser, a situation Microsoft recommends Mac users avoid by migrating “to more recent web browsing technologies such as Apple’s Safari.”

Firefox or Mozilla-based Camino would be another option for Mac users, as it is also a free download like IE. Users could see problems in navigating to sites tweaked to work best with Internet Explorer. But the pressing need for a browser that is up-to-date on security in an era where phishing and other browser-based attacks pose continual threats will probably outweigh compatibility issues with web sites.

Microsoft will maintain efforts on developing its Office products for the Mac, where the company enjoys a profitable market. The productivity suite allows mixed PC-Mac environments to share files like Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. Also, the Entourage product allows Mac users to connect to Microsoft Exchange for email and calendaring.

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