Microsoft Holding Xbox Supplies Back?

    November 24, 2005

In a few days I’ll be at the European Xbox launch in Dublin, Ireland. Lots of sad faces as people can’t get Xbox’s.

The blogs are writing about it: Ars Technica. Guardian Unlimited. Memeorandum has more. One guy even had one stolen on Monday night after he bought it. A Microsoft employee promptly shipped him his personal Xbox that hadn’t been opened yet.

Lots of people are saying we did this on purpose. That we limited supplies to make hype bigger.

Yes, Microsoft has gotten its evil back! For a minute there, I thought Google had taken over our evil.

But, come on people. We’re making them as fast as we can. Our suppliers simply can’t make anymore. Have you ever worked on a manufacturing line? I have. There are physical limitations to how many boxes can be made. There are physical limitations to how many boxes can be shipped (ever study the world’s airline cargo capacity? We have.

We’re very sorry we can’t fill demand for our product. But we simply can’t buy more supply. A good blog to watch for more news is Larry Hryb’s at He works on Xbox Live and is tied into the Xbox group very well. Another is John Porcaro at He works in Xbox marketing. We’ll get you more news as soon as we can.

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