Microsoft: Google Drives Sissy Cars

    July 30, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

While Chevrolet appears to be the official automaker of choice for both Google and Microsoft as they embark on their respective nationwide catch-humans-in-the-act photo scavenger hunts, Microsoft isn’t shy about letting Google know it’s bigger and badder.

Microsoft: Google Drives Sissy Cars
Microsoft: Google Drives Sissy Cars

Gizmodo tips readers off that Google’s Street View camera cars – like the ones that recently caught numerous people around California in less-than-flattering positions – have been sighted all over the nation, from Illinois to Maryland and back to Idaho.

Though the Volkswagen Beetle is used in some instances, it seems the Chevy Cobalt is Google’s car of choice, equipped with a single 360 degree camera mounted on top. And that means if you’re going to be somewhere you’d rather other people not know about, go in disguise or be on alert for equipped Cobalts and duck.

Not to be outdone, Microsoft took the opportunity to make sure their brand was out there, with Windows Live Local scrawled across the massive sides and backs of Chevy Tahoes, which cost twice as much as and get half the gas mileage of Cobalts.

Not only that, but Microsoft’s gas-guzzlers have six cameras on top, laser range finder, two GPS antennas, and a bunch of cables. Is Microsoft overcompensating for something? Or are they just making sure Google knows who the bad-ass is?

Check out Gizmodo’s side-by-side comparison to decide for yourself.