Microsoft Goes Live on Hulu for Bingathon

All day Bing informercial... is this the best way to launch?

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With the recent rollout of Bing, the newest search engine from Microsoft, advertisements were to be expected… but just what is a Bingathon?

The Bingathon is an all day infomercial / live show that will be hosted by Olivia Munn (G4’s Attack of the Show!) and Jason Sudeikis (NBC’s Saturday Night Live) on June 8th at 8:00 PM EST (5:00 PST).

Currently you can see commercials for the informercial running on certain Hulu videos. Will you tune in for the Bingathon? Tell us.

Bing Hulu commercial

Olivia Munn offers up the following description of the Bingathon courtesy of her blog

Make sure to go to Hulu on June 8 all day long. I’m going to be hosting a very, ummm…crazy telethon comedy skit with Jason Sudeikis (plays Joe Biden on SNL). We’re going to be on all day making fools of ourselves and it’s gonna be awesome!!!

If your like me, you might be asking yourself, how can an all day infomercial be awesome? No seriously, I want to know… how can it?

Further details of the Bingathon are quite scarce at the moment, but Ms. Munn did inform us, via her Twitter, that Fred Willard would be joining her and Jason for the broadcast.

Olivia Munn's Fred Willard Tweet

Sources close to the company told MarketingVox that Microsoft will spend somewhere between $80-100 million on the Bing launch campaign. With that much invested into making Bing a success, why would they start off with an experimental Hulu infomercial?

On the other hand Microsft is kind of known for off the wall launches. Anyone remember the Windows Vista launch show on Comedy Central starring Demetri Martin?

Sure, this is a great idea… if it works. But now the question is will people tune in to watch?

Microsoft Goes Live on Hulu for Bingathon
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  • http://www.ukmagz.co.uk UK Magazines

    Hopefully a very good number of people are expected to watch what microsoft has launched.

    • Jeremy Muncy

      Do you plan on tuning in for the Bingathon?

      Jeremy Muncy

  • dawn ashton

    jason + olivia + fred + bing = yes i will be watching!

  • Jesse

    If i dont have work, i will….

  • http://hookahbowl.com smokey

    i like the look of Microsoft’s search page, always have, just not so sure about the back-end functionality

    • Jeremy Muncy

      I agree with you smokey.

      I think Microsoft products always look good (Bing’s homepage looks very good, I especially like the new background image everyday with built in fun facts)… but the search results is where Microsoft has lost me in the past.

      In all honesty, I’ve not used Bing enough to see if I truly like it… but, if I do like it… it’s going to be hard breaking the mental hold Google has over me. It’s such a habit to type in Google.com.

      Jeremy Muncy


    I will explicitly NOT watch any ‘bingfest’ on Hulu.

    May as well watch the empire roll out Death Star III.

    • Jeremy Muncy

      Nice Microsoft / Empire reference.

      Jeremy Muncy

  • td helder


    Bing, just what we need another microcrap product done badly

  • Stew

    This is quite possibly the worst idea ever. An all-day, weekday, telethon for one of the biggest corporate entities around? Really? And on a Monday, no less? Wow.

    • Jimmy

      obviously this person didnt get the memo

  • Guest

    Why do we need commercials for an infomercial? Why do we need an infomercial for a search engine? Absolutely no amount of boredom will be enough to convince me that watching this Bing-a-thon could be more worthwhile than allowing my brains to dribble out through my ears. Sorry, Microsoft, I will probably just Google it later.

  • blackbelt_jones

    A TV show about a search engine? I too will probably google it later. On my Linux system.

    • Terri

      LINUX… YAY!

      Anybody using windows will hang anyway.

  • Terri (Philadelphia, PA_

    I am considering boycotting Hulu for this lame idea. I hate Microsoft and anything it has its hands on.

    Absolutely NO WAY.

    they should post a video on youtube… haha!

    • Jimmy

      Have fun with your Mac-air, loser

  • Guest

    I was hoping it was a Chandler marathon…

    ah well

  • Guest

    Hell NO we won’t go!!!!!!!

  • MWO

    Lots of build up without telling viewers what its about. Another bone headed idea. What ever happened to informing people what is being advertised and let them make up their mind instead of being deceptive? NO! I will not watch.

  • Guest


  • Guest

    No. I don’t watch commercials on tv, listen to them on the radio, or read them in newspapers or magazines. I also block them on the web because they are too intrusive! I will NOT watch them on hulu.

  • Guest

    I’m just excited about Commercial Free Hulu. I could care less about the Bingathon. Just let me watch my shows and movies commercial free!

  • Ned Reyerson

    been watching for an hour. had to stop. had high hopes for it being funny, but….

  • me

    Microsoft has all this money and this is STILL FUCKING STUPID

  • Guest

    I skipped it and googled it and ended up here.

  • VirtualAlias

    Okay, okay.. So I tuned into the Bing’a’thon a couple of times today. I have to admit that, due to a few recent viewings of ‘Project Natal’ videos, I thought that Microsoft might actually have something interesting to say.

    They didn’t.

    In fact, they have quite possibly the -worst- marketing company on the planet. It’s like they mixed this concoction with no other reason than to blatantly insult the intelligence of anyone logging in.

    “Let’s see, John…The marketing numbers say that people like kittens, puppies, little girls and flashing lights.” –> If you read this sentence, then you’ve heard enough to know what the Bing’a’thon was like.

    Could they be more transparently behind the times? They should hire Dick Cheney to do the next Bing’a’thon and film it in a dusty barn filled with old IBM Think-pads and dilapidated horse-drawn carriages. Actually… that might have been more interesting…

    • VirtualAlias

      But It’s Not Google

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