Microsoft Gets Niall Kennedy

    April 11, 2006

Microsoft’s Windows Live unit has picked up a “name”: Niall Kennedy, well-known for his work at Technorati, will be helping shape the feed syndication platform used by Windows Live.

Niall brings considerable practical experience in RSS on a huge level from Technorati, so Windows Live has an asset right there, but Niall’s also well-known and well-regarded, and should thus raise the profile of the entire unit, and will probably be a great advocate for Live.

Microsoft has been raising its profile in the RSS space for months now, and people are starting to notice. While Google attemps to capture all the talented people in the regular web space, is Microsoft headhunting RSS community members? I wouldn’t be surprised if Scoble is a happy boy today.

I wonder, does even Microsoft not have enough money to bring on Dave Winder as a consultant? Or have they already?

More by Kevin Burton, Alex Barnett, Danny Sullivan, and Dare Obasanjo.

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