Microsoft Excel AdCenter Add-in & Webinar

    January 10, 2008

Microsoft has announced the launch of the adCenter Add-in for Excel 2007. You might want to download the Add-in from here.

There will even be an Add-in Webinar on January 23, 2008 where you can learn more about this tool. You can register for the Webinar at With this Add-in, Microsoft has integrated many of its advanced keyword technologies and valuable data into Excel. The tool would allow users to conduct keyword research inside Excel 2007 itself.

The Product features include:

  • Keyword Expansion – we have included 3 different expansion algorithms: campaign association, fast contained, and category simulation
  • Keyword Search Volume Historical and Forecast – we have included daily and monthly keyword traffic data, including forecasting
  • Keyword Buzz – you can find buzz keywords in our 300+ verticals
  • Keyword Demographic analysis
  • Keyword Geographic analysis
  • Keyword Categorization
  • Keyword Monetization – you can find all monetization information (CPC, CTR, etc.) for your keyword list

The Add-in is based on the Microsoft Keyword Services Platform (KSP) and Microsoft plans to utilize this tool to enable third party developers to build applications with Microsoft keyword technologies.

Despite all the hype about the launch Dan Zarrella has reviewed and questioned the Add-in’s functionality on six counts viz "The geographic data report seems to duplicate keywords for some reason," it’s a bit slow to retrieve data from KSP server, etc.

Via: The adCenter Blog