Microsoft Enters Agreement with Citrix

    December 22, 2004

Citrix announced an agreement with Microsoft that enables Citrix to deliver more comprehensive access solutions on the Windows platform.

This will improve the access capabilities available in the forthcoming version of Windows Server codenamed “Longhorn.”

Specifically, the agreement with Microsoft:

— Includes a new technology collaboration agreement to further enhance the overall extensibility of Windows Terminal Server;

— Formalizes Citrix’s continued access to Microsoft Windows Server code; and,

— Provides for patent cross-licensing between both companies.

The five-year agreement paves the way for further improvements in the Citrix MetaFrame Access Suite, which runs on Microsoft Windows Terminal Server. For existing customers, the agreement will provide enhanced collaboration to achieve continuity to migrate to MetaFrame Presentation Server on Windows “Longhorn” Server.

“This is an exciting agreement that will help us better serve our customers’ access needs through the next generation of Microsoft’s Windows Server operating system,” said Mark Templeton, president and chief executive officer for Citrix. “Improved integration with Microsoft’s server operating systems will help us deliver solutions that are simpler to implement and manage, and will provide a smooth migration path for our mutual customers.

“Today’s agreement continues a long partnership with Microsoft that has helped Citrix successfully extend Microsoft solutions to over 120,000 enterprises through innovation and partnership. From an industry standpoint, Citrix believes this kind of patent and technology licensing agreement is a driver of innovation in the software ecosystem that, in the end, delivers great value to customers.”

“We are excited to expand our business relationship with Citrix Systems in order to better serve our customers,” said Bob Muglia, senior vice president, Microsoft Windows Server Division. “This collaboration will result in an improved and more extensible Windows Server platform for ISVs that broadens the solutions for Windows server and ensures that Windows “Longhorn” Server will be the best platform for access solutions available in the market. Furthermore, this technology and patent licensing agreement provides an important context for our collaboration with Citrix.”

The agreement builds on a long history of collaboration between the two companies that began in 1997 when Citrix licensed components of its technology to Microsoft as the base for Microsoft’s Terminal Server functionality. Over the years, Citrix and Microsoft have worked closely together on development initiatives, as well as marketing and sales efforts worldwide. Last year, Citrix was named ‘Global ISV Partner of the Year’ for Microsoft.

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