Microsoft Enhances adCenter, Offers Tips

    January 12, 2009
    Chris Crum

The Microsoft adCenter team took the holiday break to put some "finishing touches" on some enhancements to the service. These enhancements include:

– Custom Date Ranges, and
– Custom filters

The custom date ranges allow you to customize your campaign performance grids for easy viewing of performance data for campaigns, ad groups, ads, or keywords for custom time periods that you specify, without having to run reports.

"Date ranges for up to 31 consecutive days within the last two years can be utilized, or you can use the existing adCenter preset date ranges if they work for you," explains Mel at the adCenter blog.

5 1 custom date range (2)
Custom filters
allow you to find important info by applying column filters to campaign performance grids. This lets you ignore under-performing keywords and concentrate on ones that do better. "You can use this functionality to display keywords with high spend but low click-through rate so you can spend time optimizing them, and pretty much manipulate the data to your own ends," says Mel. "In addition to applying filters to the data values, you can also set as many as three custom filters on certain columns."

5 1 column filters

On another Microsoft adCenter-related note, Kris Clegg shared some tips for content ad campaigns in another post, which include:

  1. Separate content campaigns from search campaigns
  2. Find the right keywords
  3. Make your starting bids competitive
  4. Keep ad copy fresh and enticing, and
  5. Do not "set it and forget it".

Of course, Clegg elaborates heavily on each of these tips. The post is worth checking out for those of you running these campaigns with adCenter.