Microsoft Employee Blogs Windows Seven Details

    January 15, 2008

Windows Seven is the first version of Windows being produced under an attempted veil of secrecy, which makes any information about it extremely hard to come by.

Helping us get even the barest of morsels is Shipping Seven, a new blog by a secret Microsoft employee, who won’t reveal his name or any major unannounced information (fearful of The Wrath of Sinofsky), but will give us a peek into the innerworkings of Microsoft’s most important project.

So far, here’s what he or she has said:

  • The major subsystems of Windows are considered not currently in need of a major change. As a result, Windows 7 will only tweak them and focus elsewhere, which means anything that runs on Vista should be flawless on Seven.
  • Windows Vista Ultimate is $80 in the Microsoft Company Store (and I can say it’s $0 if you’re a journalist and ask nicely).
  • Windows XP Service Pack 3 is being developed by the Windows Sustained Engineering Team in India. With the exception of XP SP2 and all SP1s, all service packs are done by those guys. Take that for whatever you like.
  • Windows Seven has a central spec repository, the first version of Windows to have development so nicely centralized. Someone with access could read the entire Windows 7 feature list.

(via Long Zheng)