Microsoft Embraces Standards For IE8

    March 4, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Fear of possible “legal and regulatory” issues likely motivated Microsoft to enable three rendering modes for the next version of the Internet Explorer browser.

Microsoft’s rendering gyrations in its widely-used web browser gave web designers fits over the years. Pages needing special tweaks to overcome IE oddities like its handling of CSS meant designers had to practically design the same pages twice.

A nice round-up of standards compliance on HTML, CSS, DOM, and ECMAScript for IE, Firefox, and Opera may be found at Web Devout. We imagine web designers will look at the browser support comparison there and nod their heads in grim agreement.

A silver lining appeared in the cloud of Internet Explorer rendering with Microsoft’s announcement of better support for web standards.

“Microsoft is now configuring the settings in Internet Explorer 8, the upcoming version of its browser, to render content – by default – using methods that give top priority to Web standards interoperability,” they said.

Web designers may be stunned to read this quote from chief software architect Ray Ozzie: “Even in its first beta, IE8 correctly renders the popular test known as