Microsoft Considers Facebook Acquisition

Facebook members frown

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Microsoft is attempting to see if Facebook has any interest in being purchased by the software company after it abandoned its bid to buy Yahoo.

According to the WSJ Microsoft’s bankers put out subtle signals to Facebook, to see if it would be interested in being acquired.

Last October, Microsoft bought a $240 million stake in Facebook, which valued the social networking site at $15 billion. An unnamed source says there are no active talks between the two companies.

Facebook users have created groups to express their opposition to Microsoft potentially buying the site. There are at least three groups on Facebook with names like "If Facebook sells to Microsoft we’re leaving," and "Don’t sell Facebook to Microsoft!"

 In the largest group, "Don’t Let Microsoft Buy Facebook," one member wrote, "If Microsoft buys Facebook I will deactivate my account and never come back – after clearing my friends, my information. YOU people are my witnesses!"

Rebecca Jennings, an analyst with Forrester, said that Microsoft and Facebook had "fundamentally different cultures" the TimesOnline reported. 

Jennings added,"The other problem is, even if the culture fits, any acquisition can take an incredibly long time to integrate – as long as 18 months, in some cases – and Facebook would have to consider that, especially given how fast the market is moving."


Microsoft Considers Facebook Acquisition
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  • http://www.cashprior.com Business Loans Expert

    Why does Microsoft would want to buy facebook, haven’t they ruined enough companies already?… and if Facebook is valued at $15B why would they want to sell so early, wait until it’s worth $50B??

  • http://www.twitter.com/sirchad Chad

    I’m really big into facebook (and social networking in general), and I am really curious as to what Microsoft has in store for it if there is a possible deal.

    Facebook has always been prone to change–I remember when it was college-only and when it opened up to the public, I was shocked.

    I’m all for facebook, but sometimes when facebook acquires all these different hats, enough is enough.

    *drops in 2 cents*

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  • http://eviant.co.cc/ siva

    Now google is having orkut.. in the same way microsoft likes facebook.. let us wait

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