Microsoft Congratulates Sony on PlayStation 4 Launch


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Sony's PlayStation 4 is officially out today and the company is currently riding on a wave of next-generation console hype. With a week to go before the launch of Microsoft's Xbox One, Sony can expect a few more days of heavy publicity before the focus shifts to the competition.

With the run up to and the launch of the PlayStation 4 being one of the most smooth console launches in recent memory, there's no doubt that Sony Entertainment executives are being congratulated quite a bit today. In the midst of the launch hype, however, Sony has now been congratulated from an unlikely source.

Microsoft's Xbox division today congratulated Sony via its social network channels. The Xbox team posted a large, green image with white text to its Twitter and Facebook accounts reading, "Congratulation on your launch, Sony."

Of course, this being the internet, Microsoft was immediately accused of sarcasm. It does seem, though, that Microsoft is sincerely congratulating its competition while slyly diverting a bit of attention toward itself in a way that doesn't seem jealous.

Microsoft will be releasing its Xbox One console in one week, on November 22. The road to the Xbox One's launch hasn't been as smooth as for the PlayStation 4, and Sony even mocked Microsoft's poor console design decisions at this year's E3. It will be interesting to see whether Sony also congratulates Microsoft next week.