Microsoft Chats Up MSN Messenger

    August 24, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Version 7.5 of MSN Messenger quietly debuted recently, with support for text, voice, and video chat.

Need to IM? Got it. Voice chat? It’s a feature. How about video? Yes, webcam’s in place. The other person on a mobile phone? Umm, almost ready for that.

MSN Messenger got a bit of an update, with some added visual goodies for users on top of some performance improvements on the server side. And just in time to welcome Google to the world of IM and voice chat, too.

The client lets users do the core messaging functions they expect to do. MSN has been actively adding to the visual effects available, with the ability to set backgrounds and a changeable image set called Dynamic Display Pictures, which change “emotions” based on the emoticons a user sends.

And of course, MSN Search has been integrated into the client. Like Yahoo’s recently updated IM client, MSN will let users share the results of a search with the other person on the chat. MSN also notes that users can ask MSN Search direct questions, similar to the Ask Jeeves model.

MSN has a number of options to customize the Messenger client, and has the benefit of all those tie-ins to MSN content like the blogging site Spaces. Other client features include a shared whiteboard, and file and photo sharing.

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