Microsoft Blogger Claims Netscape Breaks IE

    May 27, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

A Microsoft senior program manager for Internet Explorer says an XML rendering problem now exists.

For those who have IE on their machines and have recently downloaded and installed Netscape 8, there may be a problem with IE caused by the new browser.

Confirming an issue reported in some online forums, Dave Massy notes in the blog that after installing Netscape 8, the XML rendering capabilities of IE no longer function. The recommended workaround had conspiracy theorists and Microsoft foes buzzing with excitement: uninstall Netscape 8.

The problem would occur for people trying to view a RSS feed with IE after the Netscape install; the feed would be rendered as a blank page.

AOL, which distributes Netscape and has just recently had to deal with the fallout of upgrading the browser right after its release to fix three bugs, will provide a fix via the product’s auto-update function.

The company also claims the problem has become overblown. “This issue effects a very small number of users who visit sites that require that advanced technology,” said Andrew Weinstein, an AOL spokesman. “We would not encourage people to uninstall or affect their browser settings,” Mr. Weinstein said. “It’s a minor issue.”

In Mr. Massy’s blog, the program manager notes they are looking forward to working with AOL on a fix.

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