Microsoft Announces Plan To Acquire MobiComp

    June 26, 2008

A little less than one week ago, Steve Ballmer ruled out a making-up-for-Yahoo acquisition spree.  This afternoon, his word remains technically good, since MobiComp is just one company and has little to do with traditional search and advertising.

MobiComp is, as its name implies, all about the mobile market.  Microsoft isn’t saying how much it costs, but the eight-year-old, Portugal-based business probably isn’t too cheap.  At least one of its products solves a current problem and another anticipates something that’s likely to become more important in the future.


MobileKeeper Backup & Restore allows users to protect all of their data without making any physical linkups.  MobileKeeper Sharing & Communities lets them "create, share and download content, while building their personal communities and networks or publish content direct to blogs and social networking sites . . ."  Sites like Facebook and Flickr are being put front-and-center, too, so this isn’t something that follows corporate lines or unimportant nobodies.

The development as a whole caused Todd Peters, Microsoft’s corporate vice president in the Mobile Communications Business, to state, "Investing in the right solutions from companies like MobiComp will extend the capabilities of Windows Mobile and Windows Live to help us provide the most innovative and seamless way to stay connected."

And no, there wasn’t any mention of Jerry Yang, Carl Icahn, or Yahoo.