Microsoft Announces Office 365 For Nonprofits


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Are you a nonprofit looking for an easy way to help your organization collaborate on the Web? You could always use Google Apps for Nonprofits, but Microsoft thinks you might like its service more.

Microsoft announced this morning that it's launching Office 365 for Nonprofits - a new program within the company's Technology for Good program that aims to donate copies of Office 365 to nonprofits. The program is open to nonprofits and NGOs in 41 countries and will be rolled out to 90 by July 2014. Microsoft also notes that there is no cap on the number of employees who can use Office 365 for Nonprofits so organizations with thousands of employees around the world are still eligible.

“Office 365 has been vital to the work we do, which by its nature is cross-organizational and spans the globe,” said Erik Arnold, chief information officer of PATH, an international nonprofit that transforms global health through innovation. “For example, now our Malaria Vaccine Initiative team can collaborate across geographies, accessing their files no matter where they are in the world. Office 365 is the ideal solution for our technology needs. Our whole staff has found value in the many features that help them efficiently stay connected to each other and their work, such as calendar overlays, desktop sharing, and group video conferencing.”

To promote the new program, Microsoft put together a short video featuring nonprofits using Office 365 for Nonprofit:

If the above video has convinced you to use Office 365 for Nonprofits, you'll first want to know that Office 365 is not free software. Microsoft can help make it free for your organization, however, through a software donation. You can apply for a donation here. While you wait on your confirmation, you can try out the Office 365 for Nonprofits free trial right now.

[Image: Microsoft]