Microsoft and Marvel Prepare to Do Battle Cosmic

    July 14, 2005

In the vast netherworld known only as “the net”, two great goliaths agree to stride together in battle against evils many dare not fathom. A star twinkles in the darkness as Microsoft and Marvel Comics agreed to put their fantastic computer intellects together to achieve that greatness that only comes from victory in an MMORPG for the future.

Microsoft talked Marvel Comics into unleashing its cast of 4-color characters into the netherworld of the Xbox360. With Marvel’s complete list of over 5000 character up for usage, some characters that don’t get into the comics or the movies could quite possibly end up here.

The deal is a worldwide licensing agreement so while I play Vision in Kentucky, my buddies in Germany and Japan can play Nightcrawler and Sasquatch. Of course the jerk who always plays the Punisher will come in and shoot everybody.

“The alliance with Microsoft catapults us into the games category in an unprecedented way. Microsoft is an acknowledged leader in the interactive game space, and backed by their technology, creative and marketing clout, Marvel will establish a strong presence in the burgeoning online gaming arena,” said Tim Rothwell, worldwide president of the Consumer Media Group at Marvel Enterprises. “We are very excited to be working with Microsoft to bring our fans what we expect will be a world-class online gaming experience. We also believe online gaming will provide valuable, global exposure to our character brands.”

MMORPGs are massive entities for online games that got their start a few years ago. They’ve evolved into topnotch games now with things like World of Warcraft. The Marvel Experience promises something exciting, especially when the game has about 30 gigs or so of graphics and other feature in high definition.

The catch, and this is a big one, is that this baby isn’t due out until 2008. We’ve got to wait a lousy 3 years to get at this puppy but I can hear the everlovin’ Thing’s battle cry “It’s CLOBBERIN’ TIME!” I suspect Microsoft will embrace that motto when faced with PS3s in the future.

I hope the game makes read this though because there are two important points to include. First, get the rights to the Ramone’s recording of Spiderman. It will certainly add flavor. And second, you have to include the Great Lakes Avengers. It’s absolutely imperative. EXCELSIOR!

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.