Microsoft Adds Improved Anti-Virus Protection For Hotmail

    July 15, 2004

As the fight for email dominance continues, it seems each major player is bringing more to the table in order to one-up the other. With email being a major source of virus infections, any update to anti-virus protection is bound to draw attention. And so, Microsoft has announced that they will improve Hotmail’s tools to combat viruses that are spread through email.

Hotmail, who employs McAfee’s Anti-Virus tools, announced that they will be scanning all incoming and outgoing mail and removing any malware or viruses that accompany these mailings. Previously, Hotmail only scanned incoming emails.

This is not the only upgrade that is coming to Hotmail. Almost a month ago, Microsoft announced that Hotmail would be receiving a boost in the storage capacity for its new and current members. As stated in previous articles, the email battle began when Gmail tossed the first salvo by allocating 1 gigabyte storage capacities, for free.

Since Google launched their email service, other providers have been working tirelessly to match, outdo, or overshadow Gmail.

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