Microsoft’s Plans For Windows Phone Leaked


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Tech companies generally tend to keep certain secrets close. The element of surprise is a competitive advantage in any arena. Of course, some things naturally get out, and others are deliberately leaked. But most of those leaks are information involving a company’s short-term plans. Sometimes, however, something fairly big gets through. That seems to have happened to Microsoft. Tech site WMPoweruser is reporting that they’ve gotten their hands on a “roadmap” to Microsoft’s plans for its Windows Phone platform next year.

Windows Phone Roadmap

The roadmap shows some of Microsoft's long-term strategies for their Windows Phone operating system. While this isn't exactly iPhone-in-a-bar huge, it's still a pretty significant look at Microsoft's long view. During the first half of 2012, we can expect the prices of Windows phones to drop, increasing consumer incentive to choose Windows Phones over competitors. The plan also suggests that Microsoft intends to make a major push toward the end of the year to increase their market share, especially in business. Based on reports this morning about the rapid growth of the Windows Phone Marketplace, it looks like they have a chance. There is also a tantalizing hint about “competitive superphones,” which suggests that they may have some major features in the works for next year’s Windows Phones.

Though this roadmap is short on nitty gritty details, the insight it gives us into Microsoft's broader strategy is valuable. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out in the coming year.

[Source: WMPoweruser]