Michelle Williams On Her Own 'Journey to Freedom'

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Michelle Williams may seem like she's always had it going on, but the Fix My Choir actress recently told Chris Witherspoon of MSNBC2 that she once struggled to feel accepted.

The 34-year-old actress has learned how to deal with the pressures and negativity that she comes across as a celebrity.

"The backlash is there, but I just ignore it. I used to let it affect me, because it was like that little girl complex," the Destiny's Child singer said. "I'm still human; I still have those feelings sometimes. But I have to just continue to do what I do."

Williams echoed those thoughts in an interview with HuffpostLive.

“Being free from negative thoughts, it’s a daily process. I can’t read comments on blogs because people will tear you down and make you feel worthless because unfortunately, a part of you might believe what was said,” she said.

The singer, who recently released her solo album Journey to Freedom, has been very frank about insecurities and how she finds freedom from confidence issues.

“I was guilty of attaching my self-worth according to how people viewed me. So I encourage people not to attach their value to your career. Attach your value to how you treat people; not to what you have in the bank,” she said.

"When you're no longer looking for permission to do your calling, you're no longer looking for permission to be who you are," Williams told The Christian Post. "You might be a goofy, outgoing person, and people probably can't handle your personality, but hey, that's the way God made you."

The singer has dedicated her album to those who desire to be free, but admits freedom from her hangups is a work in progress.

"People might tell you 'Oh my gosh you're great, you have a great calling on your life,' or 'Oh your hair is so pretty today,'" Williams told The Christian Post in September. "If I come to you and give you a compliment, it probably should be confirmation of what you already know. I just did not believe, I didn't think I was as good as other people around me."

Williams credits her faith in overcoming life-long insecurities.

"God keeps showing me time after time with the different things that He does in the industry that He's with me and that He believes in me," she said. "I know that it's only Him that makes a way."

Pam Wright