Michelle Rodriguez on Vacay With Zac Efron

    July 2, 2014
    Heather Vecchioni
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Michelle Rodriguez and pal Zac Efron enjoyed some time together as they traipsed around Italy last week.

The two actors were seen out and about together, even hopping onto a boat in Sardinia to take in the Mediterranean sights.

When they weren’t traveling on the sea, the pair walked around and spent some quality time with their other friends, including host Italian businessman Gianluca Vacchi and dancer Youssef Giga.

If you’re thinking this is an odd friendship, you’re not alone. Efron spent some time in rehab last year, and Rodriguez is a known party girl. The two showed that opposites can still have a great time, which is proved by the Instagram videos Vacchi posted.

One clip shows the group dancing to Lil Jon’s “Turn Down for What.” Another is of the group enjoying time together on a pier while Rodriguez shows off some pretty impressive yoga moves. Lastly, the friends work it to Jason Derulo’s song “Wiggle.”

What do you think of this unlikely friendship? Leave your comments below!

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • ThoughtsNsuch

    They appear to be having fun. I’m happy for the guy if Michelle is helping him focus on the positive.

  • samailadlang

    I was hoping to see some kind of sex video of the two. I’m disappointed, obviously.

  • Lucca

    I hate Katherine Heigle. She’s almost as bad as Gwyneth Paltrow. Can’t these two just go away?

  • Ruger375

    Conversion therapy.

  • Nikolas Wolf

    Rich people enjoying their rich life while the rest of us struggle to eat and pay bills. Yippie!!!

    • Lizzy

      make more money then, and stop being so full of hate and envy. just because you are miserable, does not mean Everyone else has to be as well.

      • philcantone

        yeah JUST make more money ! Its that easy !….dumb conservative skank

        • HardWorker

          Actually it kinda is. I grew up dirt poor (parents didn’t have a job for about 8 years)and just worked my butt off and now my Fiancee and are on track to make $140k next year. We will top out at about $300k in about 6 or 7 years. Just work hard and smart is all.

          • Nikolas Wolf

            Everyone’s circumstances are different. You can’t just say, “well it worked for me, so it will work for you”. You can’t determine my potential for success (or lack thereof) when you know nothing about me or my life. Perhaps your fiance was privileged – either way, you have someone by your side, as most people do, and you don’t have to do it by yourself.

          • stoneloc

            god nicholas wolf you are nothing but a poor me /negative nancy who hates everyone who is successful and are mad because you never made anything of yourself and its everyone elses fault!!!

          • Nikolas Wolf

            Wow, I said all of that, right? Where did I say that I hated anyone? Where did I blame anyone else for my circumstances? Where did I even say I was mad? If you can’t see the logic in the fact that everyone’s life if their own, and all circumstances are entirely unique and everyone’s psychology is different, then you simply can’t be helped.But putting words in my mouth isn’t going to help your non-existent argument.

      • Nikolas Wolf

        You’re delusional. This isn’t about a desire to “impose my alleged misery onto others”. It’s about the ridiculous system we have set up in this country, where millions of people are struggling in poverty, while we worship celebrities like idols and distract ourselves with their -their- lives. There is literally no reason why a select few should be given millions of dollars for nothing, while the rest of us are struggling to survive. Wake up, you moron.

        • MCK

          Yes name calling is always a good way to prove your point. If you hate this “celebrity worship” so much, then why did you make it a point to open an article and comment on it…more than once? I tend to avoid things I am not interested in. This crazy thing called common sense.

          That said, yep there are people who make more money than me. A lot more money than me. I don’t particularly care. I’m happy with my life and I don’t let articles like these or people I don’t know dictate how I should feel about my income. FYI – you’re using the internet, obviously, to comment here. That makes you considerably richer than millions of other people around the world who can’t even get clean water, let alone the internet. I’ve met some people like that. And they don’t complain about their circumstances and the fact you get paid a lot more than they do. Just to put things into perspective.

          • Nikolas Wolf

            I opened it up because I’m killing time with trivial distractions just as everyone is. I commented on it more than once because I was replying to someone. You do realize that we get email notifications when someone replies to our comments?

            It has nothing to do with complaining about what I don’t have or what others have. It has more to do with the system that is set up in this country, which people like you are obviously comfortable with as well as ignorant to.

            Don’t press that depressive logic on me, that I should be “happy” because others have it worse. I absolutely will not take solace in someone else’s misery.

            And you people are the ones morphing my original comment into some big ass deal. You all could have easily side-stepped it and shrugged it off, just as I could’ve ignored this article. Just to put things in perspective.

          • MCK

            Yes I am aware of how disqus works. I am also aware of how common sense works.

            You are clearly in the mood for a pity party. Poor you that someone else makes more than you because of the system and you have to read about it and then spew off all these complaints about how the system works and blah blah blah. Get over it. I didn’t say you should be happy that others are worse off than you or that you should take solace in someone else’s misery. The point is to get over your own attitude about someone making more than you REGARDLESS of how or why, and be content with your own life. The fact you have to rant and rant about how much money someone else has as a result of this system shows your own wallowing in self pity. No one here feels sorry for you. And resorting to name calling or saying “you people” isn’t going to make anyone jump to your side. Boohoo that the “select few” make more money than you because of the system. How it is set up is not going to stop me from being content with my life. And I’m certainly not going to waste my life by whining about everything. Clearly you feel otherwise.

          • Nikolas Wolf

            What are you even on about? Who’s looking for a pity party? Nowhere did I make anything about me, I’m speaking in terms of politics, which you have no knowledge of apparently. Stay with your self-delusion, polyanna platitudes that you tell yourself at night to justify the unfair distribution of wealth in America. You’re f’king insane.

            I never asked you or anyone else to reply to my original comment in the first place. You’re the ones that have some personal issue with people you don’t know expressing their own opinions. And I’m simply trying to explain my reasoning, yet I get bombarded with childish, negative feedback like the above. Obviously, you are just as unsatisfied with your life as I am with mine, otherwise you wouldn’t have jumped on my comment like a fish on bait.

          • MCK

            “There is literally no reason why a select few should be given millions
            of dollars for nothing, while the rest of us are struggling to survive.”
            Self delusion? I think you stated your pity party quite clearly. If you’re struggling to survive, as you indicated with the word “us,” that’s your issue. There is literally no reason why anyone else here should be concerned about that, or why you feel such a strong need to defend such a thing to even more people you don’t know. Quite a need for validation there. Seems like the only one with a personal issue here is you…considering you’re the one who jumped on people you don’t even know to complain about their income in comparison to yours. Is the system unfair? Sure! But I don’t find it necessary to go on irrelevant sites to complain about it and then attack anyone who is going to call you out on it. You know it IS quite possible to work to better the system while also being content with what you have and don’t have. Coming on here to personally attack anyone you perceive to think differently than you is not bettering the system. It’s just a good way to look foolish.

            You can try to stoop to childish levels with your personal attacks and name calling all you want. It won’t change what you said and that no one cares. And all it shows is that you have absolutely no logical argument because you think the only way you can win is to resort to such tactics. And it’s yet another indication of low self worth (any psychologist would tell you that).

            By the way, I don’t need your permission to reply to any comment here. But clearly there’s no point in arguing logic to one who refuses to see any. Besides, as the saying goes, “Arguing on the internet is like wrestling a pig. You both get dirty, but the pig likes it.” Have fun in the dirt. :)

          • Nikolas Wolf

            And yet you should be following your own advice, because it’s funny how instead of tackling the political issue at hand, you constantly refer back to personalized counter-attacks, making judgements of someone you don’t know, instead of even making an attempt to recognize my point.

            So “us struggling to survive” is somehow my unique issue? Really? So there aren’t millions of people with economic problems in this country? Geez, if I recall, we’re suffering from a recession and high unemployment, and high rates of homelessness, are we not?

            “Literally no reason why anyone here should be worried about that” yes, because you’re too worried about trivial celeb pop drama and attacking people online for stating a simple opinion.

            I feel a need to defend it because people are harping on me with personal attacks, putting words in my mouth, and trying to claim things I never said.

            If no one cares, then why are so many people jumping on the one comment? And yes, I have every right to defend myself against delusion. The only person I called a name was the one above who immediately replied with judgement simply because I’m stating a fact.

            Why do you all even care that I -want- to complain? Hypocrite much?

            Dance around the point all you want. I’m done here.

          • ICYNDICEY


        • Pdad

          I am the last to argue that there aren’t some inequalities in this country. But I think in this case you might be projecting some of that resentment in the wrong place. In the case of celebrities, they are only rich because we make them that way. We go see their movies, watch their videos, buy their merchandise, etc. That is the free market. It is a huge difference from the rich oil execs and pharma CEOs who take huge pay raises and bonuses from industries where we have no choice but to buy products. As far as worshipping celebrities, I think people do that because they see it as a way to fantasize about a different life. Also because through their art, we feel a connection to these people. Life is what you make it, and that has nothing to do with money.

    • Marc Smith

      Those people obviously chose a different path than yourself and became more successful. Nothing wrong with enjoying the fruits of your labor.

      It is not a requirement to be rich to visit Italy. We have been Switzerland, Italy & Germany a few times on a combined income of about 80K. It is simply being smart with money and not having this need to own the latest of everything all of the time, buying new expensive cars & wasting it on bad habits. In short, constantly buying depreciating value items.

      Few people actually take the time to track every dollar they spend because it would probably scare them how much is actually wasted over the course of a year. I put a spreadsheet together several years ago and it woke me up to this fact and I have been far better ever since.

      • Nikolas Wolf


        I have absolutely nothing
        more to say on this subject as it’s getting nobody anywhere.

    • Casanova77

      If you have such a negative view of people who are better off than you save us all the grief and dont read and comment on the story! It’s Hollywood and the people who have sustained roles in movies make a lot of money. Big deal.

      • Nikolas Wolf

        “Save us all the grief”… Really? One person’s irrelevant personal complaint online is causing you so much grief?

        “Big deal”… and you’re a sheep as well. Good night!

        • Casanova77

          You are such a miseralble loser. Go get an education and make a better life for yourself.

  • Daniel

    Young people having fun. What’s the problem?

    • rizzledAZZLE


      A lot of people don’t like seeing other people have doing well is all.

  • Angie D

    Michelle R. is one of the most naturally beautiful women in Hollywood.


      And gay

      • Rolls Canhardly

        Well she is naturally gay.

        • Daniel Parker

          She is BI. If you don’t that he is sleeping with her , you are blind.

          • Rolls Canhardly

            I don’t care what she is. I was just riffing on a dumb comment.

          • Daniel Parker

            I don’t care either. I was just pointing out the obvious lol

    • jgraves58

      I agree.

  • KH1989b

    but she lesbian

    • KH1989b

      are you stupid?

    • Daniel Parker

      She is BI. He is sleeping with her.

    • tohottie85

      So the fuck what if she’s lesbian, she hot as fuck, that’s awesome!!!

  • minding my own

    looks like they’re having fun like any ordinary person would with some good vibes and good company.

  • Guest

    She’s kind of cute on screen but she is absolutely stunning to see in person. I know I was surprised by how good looking she was when I saw her hat some Comic Con a few years ago.

  • Danny Stilletto

    She’s kind of cute on screen but she is absolutely stunning to see in person. I know I was surprised by how good looking she was when I saw her at some Comic Con a few years ago.

  • Marc Smith

    She is very sexy to say the least.

  • ElsaM

    Really enjoyed watching them have fun! LOL!